Happy birthday Zach!

Zach is a wonderful kid. He is very sweet, funny and perceptive. He is always talking, always. He jibber jabbers to himself. He makes up funny voices for his toys. He always wants to eat. He loves Star Wars. He loves his family so much, and loves to show affection. He has such cute quirks, like shrugging his shoulder and tilting his head to one side when he is explaining something. When I ask what he did at school, he always says “I played with my friends.” Usually with the above gesture. He is learning things at his new school like a sponge. He sings new songs every day, and spots the letter Z everywhere (and the letter N, which he thinks is a sideways Z.)

I love you Zach. Happy birthday.


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2 responses to “Happy birthday Zach!

  1. Whew! I just called you and left a message asking if I had missed Zach’s birthday. I’m glad I didn’t!

    Happy Birthday kiddo!!

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