Where’s my hat??

The tinfoil hat resurfaces!

According to this article in the Guardian, man made chemicals are disrupting the male/female ration of babies being born in the Northern Hemisphere. It has gotten so bad the farther North you travel (apparently some of these compounds are carried by wind) that some areas of Russia, Greenland and Canada are having twice and many female offspring as male. And, in one Inuit village, they are ONLY HAVING GIRL BABIES now. These chemicals really concentrate in their traditional diets that are heavy in larger ocean animals and meat.



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2 responses to “Where’s my hat??

  1. I think this goes far beyond tinfoil hat. We’re talking full tinfoil suit.

  2. Leigh

    Although I’m very alarmed by this trend, I do wonder how many babies total have even been born in this “village” since they’ve started having “only girls.” I mean, are we talking about 100 girls straight, or a village of 10 families where 5 babies have been born in the last couple years?

    I recently listened to a presentation by the Couple-to-Couple League and the Mr. of the couple spoke about the female-male ratio disruption… and tried to blame it on women taking the pill and peeing out all these extra hormones into the environment.

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