“One down, 700 to go.”

That’s what one of my classmates said to me today immediately following our first ever exam of medical school. Biochemistry.

I wasn’t anywhere near as shell-shocked as I thought I would be. (That term always makes me think of George Carlin.) I got through all that I wanted to get through, and I still got to spend time with friends and with my kids this weekend. I think I did well on the test. I am comfortable (and pleasantly surprised!) with where I seem to be compared to my classmates. We were all discussing the same questions that we had issues with.

This is the funny part, I guess. Well, I feel funny about it, anyway. My husband said something to last night during one of his pep talks. He told me “You know you’ll be the first one done with the test.” I hadn’t even thought about it, but as soon as he said it, I knew there was a good possibility that it would be true. I felt obnoxious and silly even thinking about it, but I am always the first one done. I figured it may not be the case for medical school, especially out of a class of 240. But, twenty minutes at most into the exam period, I was done with the test. At least ten minutes before the next person. I read insanely quickly, and when I am caffeinated and my adrenaline is pumping, I read even faster. I am not one to labor over a problem, unless it involves calculations or complex analysis. Either I know it or I don’t, and there is no point in second guessing or over thinking my choice, since my first impression is usually my best bet.


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3 responses to ““One down, 700 to go.”

  1. Leigh

    You and I are so alike. Except for the fact that I would never take Biochemistry.

  2. There may be 700 to go but the first one is done and you can’t have that,”oh shite! It’s the first exam” feeling anymore. I’m sure you did incredibly. 20 minutes, eh? You’ve always been a speed reader.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I remember finishing one of my stupid teacher exams with about 90 minutes to spare and I wasn’t allowed to leave. Then, afterward, I heard some woman complaining that it wasn’t reasonable to expect people to be able to finish that test is so short a period of time!

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