Our bodies

This week’s Rachel fan club is now in session. She is guest blogging at Our Bodies, Our Blog, and wrote a great post about a woman being denied care at the end of her pregnancy by her doctor when she wanted to attempt a VBAC and didn’t want continuous external fetal monitoring.

Now, Rachel would be the first to tell me that systemic reviews aren’t the gold standard, but I thought VBAC was shown to be about 75% to 80% successful in individual studies and maybe in a systemic review, and I know continuous external fetal monitoring was shown to not improve birth outcomes, it only increased the cesarean rate, often unnecessarily.

I have a question. If VBAC is even only 70% successful, that would mean the rate of cesarean section is LOWER for attempted VBACs than it is for all births in all hospitals in Miami-Dade County. Right? So, I would consider wanting a VBAC a bad reason to dump a client for unreasonable requests.

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  1. Etta Candy

    but…. but…. if she prevents against an unnecessary sugery, how will the doctor make that cash? no one is speaking up for the doctor’s right to maximize his profits.

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