So, that’s why they call it gross anatomy

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI have decided that I really won’t have the time to keep up with a regular blog about environmental and technological threats to the paranoid parent while I am in medical school. However, I do want to unload some of my experiences, so I am hereby turning MTFH into a blog about my life, which most of the time will involve medical school, and some of the time may still involve being scared of the man and what he’s dumping into the streams and pumping into our bodies.

So, day one was rather exciting, and was mostly bearable. I am pleased that I feel I am at about the level of my classmates. Seems right. Today was my first day of gross anatomy. Some of it was really interesting. I was really impressed at how many doctors we had in the room with us, along with a bunch of fellows and TAs. I was also surprised at how we were repeatedly encouraged to do “blunt anatomy” and to use our fingers and hemostats instead of the scalpel to tear through layers of, well, person. Apparently it is easier to cut through something you want to preserve intact than tear through it with your gloved fingers.

I almost tossed my cookies a few times. I thought I was going to list them on here, but I have decided not to. I think it may be a little bit disrespectful, and a whole lot of disgusting. So, I don’t want to lose my few readers with a weak stomach. Let’s just say it is not easy.

I can say I was overwhelmed with nausea and had a hard time walking through the room when I returned after being gone for about ten minutes. Once I was un-used to the smell, it was overpowering.

I went swimming when I got home. It felt so good and cleansing, but the chlorine reminded me of the formaldehyde. I was actually smelling it in a lot of places. Ehhhhh. And I could. not. cook. dinner. That is a big deal for me. (My other blog is a food blog.) I have chicken breasts sitting in the fridge. They will be sitting there a bit longer.

I got to spend about 5 gazillion dollars today on equipment. But, it is pretty cool. I have a new stethoscope, a sphygmomanometer (blood pressure cuff) 2 Tuning forks: 128Hz and 256Hz (not sure what those are for yet – I am assume something to do with hearing or seeing if people have perfect pitch), a pocket visual acuity card, an ophthalmoscope with traditional head and a pan-optic head, a penlight, an otoscope with bulb insufflator and disposable ear specula, and a reflex hammer. Now I need a bag to put it all in.

So, I guess I should be studying. I guess that is the story of my life right now. But at least everything I learn now is going towards me being a doctor. That is pretty dang cool.


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4 responses to “So, that’s why they call it gross anatomy

  1. Pretty dang cool, indeed.

  2. Glad the first weeks are going well for you. Although you may never be able to go swimming again without thinking of being pickled. lol

  3. Yeah, I am not liking the phantom whiffs of formaldehyde I keep experiencing. But, the gross lab is bearable. I went in for extra studying today. After much bitching and moaning about it. And I survived.

  4. Hildy

    congrats on getting past this! the 128Hz fork is for vibration sense, the 256Hz fork for testing hearing.

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