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Cramming for gross

Ever heard of speed dating? Well, I just did speed tutoring. I think our entire class showed up and crammed into the two labs. They had 20 stations set up with tutors, and we switched stations every seven minutes when someone blew a whistle. One station had the superficial back muscles. One had the brachial plexus on a dry erase board. One had the brachial plexus on a cadaver. Most of the tutors were great. One told me the head of the ulna wasn’t distal (compared to the head of the radius, which is proximal), which was flat out wrong, but the rest of the material seemed pretty spot on.

The club sponsoring the event was the CMDA (Christian Medical and Dental Society). They were raising money for a medical mission trip. The big dissection lab had bible quotes at every station. It was ironic seeing the tutors deftly flip back muscles to reveal structures underneath and stroke nerves with their gloved fingers when the Vatican prevented human dissection for so long. And, it was funny hearing the tutors drop expletives like “hell” and “fuck” and mnemonics like “Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can’t Handle” (two points to anyone who knows what that is for) under their respective bible verse signs. In the smaller prosection lab, they had random inspiring secular quotes on each sign. I was amused that one was by Nietzsche. God is dead, and so were the cadavers, I thought.


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Not bad at all, considering one of the questions I missed, IMO, was a load of crap.

Let’s hope this is a trend.


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“One down, 700 to go.”

That’s what one of my classmates said to me today immediately following our first ever exam of medical school. Biochemistry.

I wasn’t anywhere near as shell-shocked as I thought I would be. (That term always makes me think of George Carlin.) I got through all that I wanted to get through, and I still got to spend time with friends and with my kids this weekend. I think I did well on the test. I am comfortable (and pleasantly surprised!) with where I seem to be compared to my classmates. We were all discussing the same questions that we had issues with.

This is the funny part, I guess. Well, I feel funny about it, anyway. My husband said something to last night during one of his pep talks. He told me “You know you’ll be the first one done with the test.” I hadn’t even thought about it, but as soon as he said it, I knew there was a good possibility that it would be true. I felt obnoxious and silly even thinking about it, but I am always the first one done. I figured it may not be the case for medical school, especially out of a class of 240. But, twenty minutes at most into the exam period, I was done with the test. At least ten minutes before the next person. I read insanely quickly, and when I am caffeinated and my adrenaline is pumping, I read even faster. I am not one to labor over a problem, unless it involves calculations or complex analysis. Either I know it or I don’t, and there is no point in second guessing or over thinking my choice, since my first impression is usually my best bet.


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Oh, sweet comic relief

Things could be worse than having to go to a Students Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology party tonight. I could have to shop with her kids.

HA ha ha ha ha ha, that was so worth reading.


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Uh, can I change my mind?

I looked over sample tests for gross anatomy and biochemistry. They are really really friggin hard. The questions are applied, specific and tricky.

I think they made a mistake letting me in. I think I made a mistake thinking I can do this. I think I made a mistake thinking I will have any free time that does not involve studying.

*Edit: OK, I looked at my main binder, and I have a bumper sticker on it that says “YES I CAN”. Trying to keep this in mind.


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No, I am NOT going to be a nurse!

No offense to nurses, I think they are the heart and soul of hospitals and deserve all sorts of respect and great pay. However, I LOVE this Facebook group I just joined called Ask me if I’m going to be a nurse one more time…. HA! I have been asked a few times if I am going to medical school to be a nurse (WTF?? Do straight men EVER get asked this?) and I was asked when I was on the campus with my son if I was taking HIM to go to medical school! I said sweetly, “No, mommy is going to medical school, thanks.” At least the nosy dork didn’t ask me if I was going to be a nurse.

**Edit – Coach Stu just walked up to me and said he told someone today that his wife was going to medical school, and that someone responded, “Oh, is she going to be a nurse?” He had NO idea about the Facebook group or this post.

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Our bodies

This week’s Rachel fan club is now in session. She is guest blogging at Our Bodies, Our Blog, and wrote a great post about a woman being denied care at the end of her pregnancy by her doctor when she wanted to attempt a VBAC and didn’t want continuous external fetal monitoring.

Now, Rachel would be the first to tell me that systemic reviews aren’t the gold standard, but I thought VBAC was shown to be about 75% to 80% successful in individual studies and maybe in a systemic review, and I know continuous external fetal monitoring was shown to not improve birth outcomes, it only increased the cesarean rate, often unnecessarily.

I have a question. If VBAC is even only 70% successful, that would mean the rate of cesarean section is LOWER for attempted VBACs than it is for all births in all hospitals in Miami-Dade County. Right? So, I would consider wanting a VBAC a bad reason to dump a client for unreasonable requests.

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