There are still some left, and apparently, they can type

You know, when I hear the polls saying there are still supporters of the current administration’s policies, I think they are either employees of Halliburton or other defense contracting companies, or my immediate family. I even think my family is holding their breath and waiting for this fiasco of a presidency to be over. Well, I can only hope.

I was STUNNED when I read this supposed parody of the Democratic National Convention on a friend of a friend’s blog. Since the replies have to be approved, I decided to publish my reply here. I am seriously doubting it will be approved.

*edit* It was approved. Surprised. She said I am cranky and can’t take a “joke” and am a hater. I replied again.*

“Wow. Wow. I can’t believe our country has been raped for 6 years, and this is what you can come up with. I guess you are one of those last 20% or so of the population that still thinks the administration is doing a good job?

Ummm, gays should be able to get married. This isn’t even a real issue. It is what is called a “wedge” issue, because it is the only way to get haters and bigots like you to the polls.

Osama Bin Laden? Bush is the one who said he doesn’t even care where he is anymore – IN A PRESS CONFERENCE! Do you know where he is? PAKISTAN? Do you know where OUR troops are dying? IRAQ! Do you know whose company is making billions of dollars off of our involvement there off of NO BID CONTRACTS? (Oh, wait, isn’t that called socialism? Nah, that’s only if I want kids to get health care!) Halliburton!

There is proper etiquette, for invading companies and leaving. I am sure this administration will not follow the proper etiquette for leaving after THEY HAVE ALREADY LOST. We have not even secured the road from the airport to the green zone! In FIVE YEARS!!

World War II was WON in FOUR YEARS! You can bet they have gotten some good work done on that pipeline, however. Who cares about the 3,000 + soldiers who have died and tens of thousands who were injured for nothing? The hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians we have killed? We’ll keep letting our soldiers die in what is now a civil war because YOU don’t want to surrender.

Oh, and Jacques Chirac isn’t president of France anymore. I know how much fun it is make fun of entire ethnicities of people, but the French aren’t “cowards”. Why don’t you complain about the other 200 countries who also disagree with us?

If the US (under Bush) is so right about Iraq, where is this coalition of the willing? Do you really think the whole world is evil, or is it just your president?

I am glad Paige showed me this post. It will be the last time I go to your blog. Please visit my blog sometime and see how to discuss issues and promote dialog.”

Why am I still stunned? I guess the same reason I was shocked when I read the testimony of the former surgeon general talking about being forced to not release or discuss science and health, but that he was supposed to glorify Bush three times a page in every speech. Scientific information bad, blind yes-man, good. I guess the same way I am still shocked that the Guantanamo prison complex is still open, that Paris Hilton spent more time in jail than Scooter Libby, that the accounting oversight for the money spent on contractors in the Iraq war was suspended and sent home years ago, that the non governmental health organizations in Iraq are forbidden by us from even estimating the civilian casualties, that Cheney said he is immune from secrecy laws because he is NOT A MEMBER OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH, that the guy who authored the torture memo, Alberto Gonzales, is still the attorney general after lying to congress and the rest of the world. (Was it about a blow job? No, it was over corrupting the Department of Justice by firing states attorney generals for not targeting Democrats for investigations. You know, stuff that isn’t important to some people who think we are just supposed to hate each other at the expense of good government. Like certain bloggers.)

OK, I am done. For now. I just love my country and I am sick of it being ruined by greedy haters who would rather blindly follow an idiot than self examine.


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2 responses to “There are still some left, and apparently, they can type

  1. I responded to the original post, but will note here as well that I would rather throw my hat in with a bunch of tree-hugging boozers than a party that condones human rights violations (water-boarding a “no brainer” according to Cheney), domestic wire-tapping, an illegal war…

  2. You rock, Stacie. I thoroughly enjoyed your response, and the part I found the most compelling is the part you repeated here. Go ahead, call me a tree hugging flag burner with Stacie. I would be proud to say that any day than ever be lumped with a bunch of torturing reactionary money-hoarding bigots.

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