I am amazed

Thanks to Rachel at Women’s Health News for this post about the former surgeon general. He was encouraged to repeatedly remove accurate scientific information (about stem cell research, AIDS and global health, health in prisons, mental health, secondhand smoke, you know…political issues) or to support ineffective policies (like abstinence only education). In fact, he was even discouraged from supporting the friggin SPECIAL OLYMPICS because there is a prominent liberal family involved with the foundation. He was even ordered to mention President Bush’s name THREE TIMES A PAGE in every speech. What??

I am not amazed that the Bush administration would sink this low. I am amazed that I was shocked when I heard it. I am amazed that I still have surprise and shock that this could happen in the United States. Anyone who allows it to happen is NOT a patriot, no matter what he or she may call themselves. I am thoroughly offended as a future physician, as a mother, and as a citizen.

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