Great article on vaccines

I am so happy with this article on vaccine safety and the autism link. One thing that makes me like it so much is that it is from a mainstream site. Also, it is full of good, reasoned, practical considerations, not anger or judgment. I am SO sick of being harassed online by people who compare questioning any vaccines to letting your kids play in traffic. (I don’t talk to anyone “in real life” about vaccines much other than my children’s pediatrician.) I am sure parents who vaccinate are sick of being told they are injecting poisons into their kids. Good discussion is hard to find.

I respect the argument (not found in this article, but a remnant of past discussions I have had online about vaccines) that it is an important public health decision (herd immunity) but I disagree that nonvaccinators are relying on vaccinating friends to keep unvaccinated children safe. Everyone is able to analyze the risks surrounding them and make their choice. Everyone who lives somewhere with extremely low prevalence of a disease (say, smallpox) can decide whether that vaccine is still necessary (no). We all might not come to the same conclusion, but as usual, many people think we should. I would hope that every parent who does decide to vaccinate their children, which is the vast majority of them, still wants these issues to be examined, tested and debated every day. Vigorously. Our children’s health depends on it, and many many more children are exposed to vaccines and what is contained in them than the diseases they are supposed to prevent. They deserve at least as much attention.

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  1. The article you linked to is really an eye opener. Most people don’t know that there are a growing number of scientific studies that are demonstrating serious dangers in our present vaccine policy, including altered brain development, seizures and a loss of brain cell connections, called synapses. These studies all point to over-vaccination as a real and present danger to our children and, in certain instances, to adults. Everyone should learn more about the hidden dangers of vaccines.

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