Wow, I guess I rock!

RockinI got tagged as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger by my buddy Paige at 42. Cool cool, I must try to actually pass this one along. My nominees are going to be from what I read, which are mostly political and medical blogs. Most of these people don’t know me at all, so let’s see if they care.

1. My new favorite: Our Bodies, Our Blog, the companion blog to the book and website Our Bodies, Ourselves put out by the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective.

2. And old favorite, Rachel at Women’s Health News. The latest entry on the P-Mate was one of the few I have read out loud to my roommate, but I subscribe and read all of her posts.

3. I also love Midwife with a Knife. One day she, the author of The Blog That Ate Manhattan and I are going to open a birth center / bed and breakfast (in my fantasy world).

4. Badbadivy. Love her. Read her at The badbadivy experience, her wonderful new site Home Ec 101 and at Curbly. Yes, she is a busy beaver! And rockin’.

5. I guess for my last one I will nominate a group: Feministing. Definitely a rockin’ site, definitely women oriented.


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3 responses to “Wow, I guess I rock!

  1. Ivy

    Awww, thanks, man! I’m rocking it out over at Nashville is Talking for the next two days, if you’re inclined to read over there, hee hee.

  2. I love how we are all truly connected!

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