My View on the View

I don’t watch a lot of TV. I am not holier than thou or anything; I waste most of my screen time in front of the computer. My roommate went to high school with the vapid apologist Elisabeth on the TV show The View, so I have actually seen a few partial episodes of this show.

Apparently Miss Elisabeth is upset with Rosie for saying we have killed more than 600,000 Iraqi citizens, and then asking “Who are the terrorists?” I can’t use the word I spit at the screen when I am watching Elizabeth, but….

Elisabeth, DEAR, can you take the blinders off of you and your high horse for ONE minute and see that 70% of OUR OWN COUNTRY agrees with Rosie? What do you think the REST of the world thinks of us?

Not only have we slaughtered HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of Iraqi CIVILIANS, not insurgents, not terrorists, but CIVILIANS, but our own government has forbidden that any Iraqi public health group attempt to count or report on those numbers. What have those deaths provided for the United States? Safety? No, more hatred from the world and more fuel for the terrorists.

Elisabeth, I hope the baby in your belly is not a boy, for your sake, and I hope there is no draft when he is older. My two sons better not go to war to support a failed and frankly terrorist policy put in place by your stupid president. She wasn’t calling the troops terrorists, Elisabeth. She was pointing out that the rest of the world is watching us, and most of them are as horrified as most of us are.

*My reply from my email to the show*

Thank you for writing!

As you know, I read my e-mail every day. So, don’t be surprised if

you get a response in your inbox or on the show itself.


Yeah, I’m holding my breath.

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One response to “My View on the View

  1. Etta Candy

    i don’t know how likely it is that she would respond to a message that says 70% of people agree with teh big bad lesbian meanie, but we probably won’t know because her president is scheduled to for a news conference at the time she would be doing that.

    ah well.

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