Protecting fetuses only goes so far

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health released details of a study that found two pervasive man made chemicals in 100% of umbilical cord samples tested.

These compounds, PFOS and PFOA, are >not new to this blog. They are industrial chemicals that are used in making Teflon, used in packaging materials, and apparently are pumped into the environment and in our food in alarming amounts. These chemicals have “known to cause tumors and developmental problems in laboratory animals” according to the Johns Hopkins press release, although “more study is needed to understand health effects at these lower exposure levels.”

Ya know, you would think that more study would be needed before these compounds became so pervasive that they are found in 100% of umbilical cord samples. But, we all know it’s the natural medicine industry that is unregulated.


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7 responses to “Protecting fetuses only goes so far

  1. oh come now, come now.. why would we want to study the long term effects off something before exposing the whole planet to it? Don’t *you* have faith that all man made chemicals are made for the betterment of man? …even if they do destroy the planet and increase the incidence of cancer.

  2. You know, I understand some radicals think that cigarettes cause cancer, but I don’t beleive it. After all, Phillip Morris has done studies that are inconclusive…

  3. Damnit! I made a spelling error. Sarcasm loses its force when you can’t spell things right. Sigh.

  4. Ha, oh I will edit them for you if you want from now on. Typos drive me nuts, too. I didn’t even notice it until you pointed it out, if that makes you feel better.

  5. heh… yeah I just noticed my own typo. How irritating.

  6. Oh, boy. More info I’m glad to find out about but kind of wish I didn’t know. Thanks again for a compelling blog entry.

  7. Thanks, Heidi. That’s my job.

    Ugh, Paige and Stacie, I have not figured out how to edit typos in the comments, but I did just fix one in the original entry…a week later!

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