Earth Day’s Resolutions

earth dayHappy Earth Day, everyone!

I have been feeling guilty lately because I talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk all the time. I was inspired by Stacie’s post about sustainable toys. Actually, I was reminded that being an liberal hippy environmentalist involved more than bitchin. I have made some good strides in the past year. Although it may be too late to cloth diaper, I have switched to these wonderful cloth menstrual pads and a reusable menstrual cup. I have been using my windows instead of my air conditioner when we can, and we usually have our thermostat set at a balmy 72 degrees. (Remember, we live in Florida, so we really don’t use heat at all). I have been walking sometimes (not enough) when I can drive. We replaced a lot of our light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, and will continue to do so.

I have been shunning Chilean wines (sigh) and grapes and food that is flown in to me as much as I can. This is an area I could use some work. So, speaking of work I could use, here are my Earth Day resolutions:

1. Cut down on paper towel use. Use sponges and rags and towels whenever possible.

2. Keep up with dabbling in natural cleansers. Baking soda and vinegar, not just for science projects anymore.

(Or, as my friend said when she gave her amazing baking soda, Bronner’s soap and tea tree oil paste recipe for cleaning her shower: “Baking soda. Not just for cookies and freebasing.”

3. Cut down on the ziplock bag usage. (*twitch twitch* This one will be hard.)

4. Look into the 100 Mile Diet. I am not going to start it strictly immediately, but I am going to whittle down my flown and driven in food and investigate my local options. Including growing more food. I have had a good start with my veggie garden, but summer is too hot here for most stuff.

5. Walk and bike for errands when I can.


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9 responses to “Earth Day’s Resolutions

  1. Ooo. I need to cut down on paper towel and ziploc bag usage but it is SO HARD.

  2. As usual you give good reminders and are an inspiration. The ziplocks would be tough for me – I really love them…guess I could work harder at reusing them!

  3. I hear you on the ziplocs! I didn’t replace my last box of sandwich bags, because I knew I should use my reusable containters, but darnit, those have to be washed! I hate that! Still, I am getting used to it (but not so used to it that I didn’t rejoice when I found a box of gallon-sized ziplocs I had forgotten about!). I have been looking into eating more locally, too, but I haven’t been able to give up the wines yet.

  4. My biggest problem is Styrofoam cups. *sigh* I know. Evil Evil. I just have gotten into the habit of going out for a daily walk with the baby up to the smoothie shop. Gotta bring my own cups.

  5. I usually have my own cup in the car, since I travel with tea. I usually chicken out about bringing it into a coffee shop though. In fact, I did tonight. I need to get over that.

  6. I figure that is my biggest weakness. I mean, I CD. I use entirely phosphate free biodegradable detergent int he laundry, I walk nearly everywhere I go (unless I’m coming up to your house). I recycle everything, including stuff I bring home form my father’s house since he doesn’t recycle. I rarely, if ever, use paper towels. I’ve got a boat load of hospital cloths I use instead…

    Aside from styrofoam I think I really need to work on cutting down on my water usage… but I do love my showers. 🙂

  7. oh hell. fix those typos too, eh? lol

  8. I haven’t figured out if I can edit comments. I did just edit a typo I found in the original post – a week later!

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