Coming up for air

GingerHowdy, y’all. Sorry I have been slightly AWOL lately. Getting into medical school has been the most wonderful curve ball I have ever experienced.

One of the perks I am looking forward to about medical school is the free full text access to all of those medical journals. OMM, I cannot WAIT! I will be hopefully have some free time to share some of what I am reading about here, as I am sure some of it will fuel my paranoid fire.

What has been making me paranoid lately? Well, my friend Paige reminded me that I should share this widepsread bit of news about contaminated pet food on here. It sure has been making me worry.

First of all, I was shocked by the amount of pet food companies owned and operated by the same parent company. Just another reminder that the way “capitalism” is run in our country is not a level playing field or often what is best for the consumer. Little companies cannot compete against the ones with higher capital, and are taken over by conglomerates who, in many cases, don’t have that attention to detail that made those smaller companies successful in the first place. Profit motive runs completely contrary to what is best for the consumer because it encourages cutting corners and outsourcing to unsafe food supplies, as seen here. These contaminated food batches weren’t made domestically. Can we buy cheaper meds from Canada? NO! Unsafe and illegal, even though our domestic pharmacies import the same drugs made in the same overseas factories! Can everyone we buy from import their materials and goods and export their tax base? Sure, it’s good business!

Secondly, how many parents have fished pet food out of their toddler’s mouths? Hands up, please. My older son S loved dust bunnies (ewwwww…..) and younger son Z loved dog food. Poor Ginger rarely ate that year, because we had to resort to jsut keeping it off the floor.

Finally, what the heck are they putting in pet food, anyway? Rat poison? Does that mean there is rat meat in there? I used to make my own pet food for a while in college, but I burned a few motors out on my blenders before I decided it was way too high maintenance for me to handle. I am now buying the Purina dry food that says real _____ is our main ingredient. I am thinking of switching to Newman’s Own, since I love all of their other products. Anyone have any recommendations?


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10 responses to “Coming up for air

  1. Ivy

    This is the brand I feed my cats, and I am probably going to switch my dog as well over to that brand. He was eating Authority’s baked, organic something or other, but since Authority is part of the recall, I may switch.

    Wanna talk tinfoil hat? A friend of mine and I suspect since it all came from China, they’re “testing the waters”, so to speak. First animal food, next people food? I dunno, I’m just suspicious like that.

  2. Oh, totally. That is why I think this is so relevant. We already have had GMO corn only approved for animal feed found in our food supply.

  3. Leigh

    Congrats on med school!! When do you start?

  4. Thanks Leigh! This fall.

  5. Congratulation in getting into medical school. Now God Help you! šŸ™‚

    As for dog food, to read about the rather uneasy relationship between pet food, PETA and wheat gluten, see >>


  6. I have always wondered about wheat gluten as such a prevalent ingredient. I used to give my dog greenies until I read the label. Wheat gluten and chlorophyll. How is that healthy for dogs?

  7. wait. pets don’t survive on photosynthesis??? *doh*

  8. Congrats on med school. The medical community needs people like you who ask questions!

  9. Thanks Heidi! Let’s hope the medical community thinks so, too.

  10. De in D.C.

    In general, if you can buy it in a supermarket, it’s not a good dog food. There are many wonderful products out there (Newman’s Own is great, though it is horribly overpriced). I’m a huge fan of the Natura brand of dog foods. I feed the California Natural line.

    Here are two sites that provide good all-around info on feeding and pet food ingredients.


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