Former Arizona governor admits to seeing UFO

Phoenix lights Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington (also a former pilot) has come forward on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 to admit he saw the famous “Phoenix Lights” ten years ago while he was in office. (I will let you search for stories on the Phoenix Lights yourself. It is all over the internet, and Discovery did a special on it…)

S had his first (and only!) sleep over last year. His older friend C.J. got him so freaked out about aliens (something we had never discussed before) that they both came out of the room, wild-eyed and babbling. C.J. kept saying “It was a special on DISCOVERY! It was REAL!” I wonder if he saw the special on the Phoenix Lights?

Sigh. I don’t normally condition kids to believe The Man’s lies, but I needed some peace and quiet. I told them no aliens were coming to visit and sent them back to bed.

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