Children most likely victims of medical error

Today’s New York Times has a scary report about medical errors. Ever since it was disclosed that medical errors may account for more deaths than breast cancer and car accidents combined, they have been getting a lot more attention. (Very warranted IMO) This article about a recent study of medical errors concludes that they occur with pediatric patients with higher frequency than even surgical patients.

I already told the story about a doctor trying to talk my mom out of investigating symptoms in my younger brother that later turned out to be a brain tumor here. The book I wrote about in that post and this new study conclude that poor communication is to blame. Considering that a health care practitioner is supposed to be trained to listen as part of their diagnostic skills, I think the heavier weight of the communication errors should fall on their shoulders. I always tried to take the time to listen with an open mind and ask questions with women at the birth center where I trained.

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  1. Very scary – I just went through this with my mom who was told she was imagining her pain but almost died from complications with her pacemaker. It was my uncle who yelled until they thought to look a little further and uncover the – duh – problem that was pretty simple to diagnose.

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