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Ack! New ads!

When I clicked on my latest post, it said “Get Ann Coulter’s column free!” on the side bar! Ack! Then, when I clicked back on the home page, it said “Incontinent Products” and “Adult Diapers”. Whew! Much better.

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Back! Didja miss me?

I haven’t been blogging recently. I was extremely busy, as we are coming into the home stretch of a horrible streak of exams every Monday. It ends with spring break, which is in mid March. And, i managed to forget/lose my password to the site. Well, turns out the site was due for a makeover anyway, I got a new password, and I am back.

I had a lot of posts partially composed in my head that have come and gone by now. I figured I will just do a little catching up.

I am going to be in a production of The Vagina Monolgues at my school. I am part of a charity event sponsored by AMWA.

I have really enjoyed being involved with the AMWA group at my school. We have had great speakers and have had fundraisers to support breast cancer research and to help a local domestic violence survivor’s charity. I am running for a position in the club next year. This year I was one of the M1 reps.

it has been a really grueling week and an especially grueling day. I am going to veg out and then catch some Zzzzzz’s.


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Borrowed music

My mother-in-law very nicely gave me her MP3 player. Well, she gave it to Sebastian, and I decided we are sharing it, especially since I am the one who is going to have to set it up with music, and I need one for studying.

I set up the software on the computer and finally got my computer to recognize it, but I had to leave to go study and didn’t have time to add any of my own music to it.

It is so obvious that they are retired hippies living in the Keys, and not medical students setting setting up a playlist for studying.

Grateful Dead

Bob Dylan Rainy Day Women “Everybody must get stoned…..”

Lots of Bob Marley

Willie Nelson

Eagles “Take it Easy”

Jimmy Buffet live…including him saying “Hey, that smells good in the front row. Whatcha smokin? I better start playing before I get hungry.”

I kept giggling at the irony in the library.

Back to biochem.

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Flashback Friday: Valentine’s Day







Happy Flashback Friday! I squeaked in at the last minute….flashback-friday.jpg


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Happy Valentine’s Day



Love, me and the fam


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So, just when I was thinking “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I’ll just go eat worms,” I got a surprising ego boost. The class president told me that she thinks I should run for president next year. I was blown away – I haven’t been involved in class politics at all. I am the M1 rep for two clubs, so I make announcements and I am clearly active, but not in student government.

After I picked my jaw up off of the floor, I told her thanks. I plan on running for the president of SAOOG, the student branch of the American College of Osteopathic Obstetrics and Gynecology and probably the president or vice president of the American Medical Women’s Association. We are not allowed to be an officer in SGA and also in interest clubs, so I will opt for the interest clubs. Besides, last thing I want to do is hound teachers for notes for the class or settle disputes. *shudder*

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Weekend plans

Happy Music Monday, folks!

I rarely plan out posts on here. I usually get a bee in my bonnet (did you notice I can rant?) and type furiously, and then I move on about my day. I never thought of myself as the type to stick to a themed, scheduled weekly deal. Even when I blogged professionally, I would mix up when I posted my “Top Tin” lists, and rarely had ten items on the list. I’m not trying to be rebellious just for the sake of it. Ask CableGirl. I am a *tad* disorganized.

But, I LOVE Music Monday. If I hear a song during the week, I can just tuck it away and post it on Monday. And, most of our exams are on Mondays. So, I can ignore blogging for the weekend (unless I am mopey or ranty), come home after the test, and pull that best song that week out for a light hearted post.

I heard this song just before the weekend, appropriately. This one is for all the tragically-used-to-be-hip parents out there.


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Kind of bummed

braodcast-news.jpgI should be studying. I spent the day with my family, including my brother, sister-in-law and nephew from out of town. It was a great time, don’t get me wrong, but I am behind on studying and I really should be catching up right now. I have a test tomorrow, and I am anything but ready.

That is not the only reason I am bummed, however. I frequent two online communities, one private, one public. These sites do a lot of good for me, generally. I hope I usually do good for them, too. I feel a sense of community, of belonging, of friendship, of support, of shelter. For different reasons, neither of those sites feels all that hospitable right now. And with the way I am feeling, I may not be good for them, either.

I feel like Holly Hunter’s character from Broadcast News:

Paul Moore: It must be nice to always believe you know better, to always think you’re the smartest person in the room.

Jane Craig: No. It’s awful.

Feeling like I am right does not make me happy. It makes me want to cry at my desk, which is what she does, frequently, in the film.

I am PMSing and stressed out already, and I really don’t feel like swimming upstream in my havens. So, instead of using these sites to take a break where I feel I belong, instead, I am fretting about them and avoiding them.

I am not here to bitch about any details or anything, I am just shouting out into the darkness since my places of light are not welcoming to me right now, based on my own needs and my own perspective. So, instead of bopping into one or both of these sites, getting quickly recharged, asking for test vibes, and going to study, I am moping and feeling quite uncharged.

Pity party over, back to studying.


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Shaking your eyes here…

flashback-friday.jpgToday for Flashback Friday I want to share a video. I am taking the Flashback Friday a bit farther. Not only will I be talking about past events, but I will be sharing a story of being reminded of past events whenever I can. Deja vu. A flashback, if you will.

I was an art student back in the day. I wanted to be an animator. While many adult animation buffs are all over the anime, I have always preferred Canadian animation. I copied some of my favorites on to a VHS tape that I ended up lending out, and I never got it back. Fast forward ten years, and I am trying to give S a piano lesson while Z is using his toy tools all over the room, including using a toy saw on the piano bench. I suddenly remembered this short animation, and I went straight to youtube when the piano lesson was done.

Without any further ado, The Big Snit

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Good for them

Two teenagers were suspended for wearing “Safe Sex or No Sex” shirts with condoms taped to them, objecting to the abstinence only education that is taught at their school.

Bush’s new budget suggests cuts in lots of health programs, including family planning ones, even though teen pregnancy is on the rise. But, it increases funding for abstinence only education. The same programs that research repeatedly finds to be ineffective, or even worse, promoting unsafe sex.


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